Naturally Naked Foods

About Us

It all started years ago with our family of 5 wanting to be a little more self reliant so we got three chickens (Potpie- my sons doing, Sally, and Rachel). We couldn't believe the difference in taste of our eggs. The yolks were a deep yellow almost orange and nicely dome shaped. The whites were tight and not runny. This led to questions and the more research we did the more appalled we became of animal treatment in large farm settings and the health issues it causes for the animals and us.

As our flock grew our egg production did too.  We started sharing with family and friends. The natural step was to start selling our excess eggs. We found we loved caring for the animals and that they enriched our lives. 

We started raising meat chickens and once again there was staggering differences in taste. Next up turkeys. Have you ever had really juicy turkey breast? Unbelievable!

We also raise goats. They are great foragers eating not only grass but trees and bracken, their natural diet is similar to that of a deer's. Sometimes known as cabrito, mutton or chevon. It is similar in taste to lamb.

We are working on growing our operation to include grass fed beef and pork. We are actively searching for the right farm land that will meet our requirements for the needs of our animals.